4 Productive Outlook Add-Ons for 2013

As we’re starting and planning for the New Year, there’s no better time to consider enhancing your Outlook arsenal with some cool add-ons that will help boost your productivity. Below, are 4 add-ons that will help you do just that:

1- Simply File: This is just an amazing add-on for the folder organizing fanatics. Once installed, it analyzes the content of your Outlook folders and when you’re ready to file messages, it will auto-suggest and file them for you with one shortcut, no more dragging and dropping madness!

2- ClearContext: Is your mailbox out of control? ClearContext helps you categorize, file, and screen emails. You can also do some really neat tricks with your inbox, such as deferring emails to get them out of sight for a determined period of time. Create and associate emails with projects, unsubscribe from threads you no longer wish to follow, and many other great features.

3- Trogbar: This software goes a little beyond the add-on territory. It integrates with Outlook, but has a separate interface. It automatically organizes and prioritizes your tasks, calendar items, and the all-important emails that you need to work on.

4-Xobni: Think of this as your LinkedIn for Outlook. This add-on helps you build super profiles for your contacts and keep track of communication history and common links with other contacts. It also comes with an extended and much faster search capability.